Wildbrew (PC)

Puzzle Designer

Wildbrew is a 3D adventure-puzzle game in which players make potions, experiment with multiple solutions to puzzles, and explore the wilderness with its own share of secrets.

Main Responsibilities: 

- Designed puzzles and level layouts using custom tools in Unity

- Scripted functions for environment interactions

- Documented game mechanics, potion effects, and puzzle solutions

Tools: Unity, C#, Perforce

Team size: ~25 people total, Design team: 4 people

2017-18 USC Capstone Advanced Games Project

itch.io page 

lumpo (PC)


Co-Creator (Designer + Artist)

Lumpo is an experimental game about reliving my high school memories through minigames presented within photos saved on my desktop.

Main Responsibilities:

- Designed different mechanics for each minigame + overall game progression that links minigames together

- Created all UI + visual assets

Tools: Unity, C#, Photoshop

Team Size: 2 people

Over 2000 downloads

itch.io page | Check out the awesome programmer who helped me!

an afternoon (PC)


Creator (Designer + Programmer + Artist)

An afternoon is a personal project I'm currently working on. 

It’s a narrative game where the player meets up with an old high school friend who they haven’t seen in awhile. The player learns about who their friend has become, and reminisces about the past through simple interactions.

Main Responsibilities:

- Design and build out levels, overall flow of the game

- Program gameplay mechanics, a custom animation controller, environment interactions in C#

- Iterate design based on feedback from weekly playtests

- Create all visual assets and animations

Tools: Unity, C#, Photoshop

Team Size: 1 person (me!)

2019 USC Experimental Games Topics

Summer 2019 release planned!

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Forest Tunes (PC)

Creator (Designer + Programmer + Artist)

Forest Tunes is a personal project I'm currently working on, about a guitarist who is looking for their band to play some sweet tunes with in the forest.

Main Responsibilities:

- Design map layout, game progression

- Program gameplay mechanics and animations

- Create character and environment art

Tools: Unity, C#, Blender, Photoshop

Team Size: 1 person (me!)

Summer 2019 release planned!

Dandelion Child (PC)

Co-Creator (Designer + Programmer + Artist)

Dandelion Child is an experimental 2D sidescroller about a child lost in the forest. The player unlocks minigames as they collect flowers littered about in the forest.

Main Responsibilities:

- Designed and programmed different game mechanics for each minigame, designed player progression

- Created a burn-down chart + documented game mechanics

- Ran weekly playtests, iterated game based on player feedback

- Illustrated environment art + UI assets

Tools: Unity, C#, Perforce, Photoshop

Team Size: 2 people

Tracking Ida (ARG)

Puzzle Designer

Tracking Ida is an educational alternate reality game (ARG) inspired by the pioneering investigative journalism of Ida B. Wells in the 1890s.

Main Responsibilities:

- Paper prototyped puzzles and game progression

- Iterated upon puzzles based on playtest feedback

- Researched Ida B. Wells for accurate representation + designed experiences around her past.

Tools: Paper Prototypes, Microsoft Office, Photoshop

Team Size: 11 people total, Design team: 4 people

IndieCade 2017 E3 Showcase select | 2017 USC MFA thesis project | Best Gameplay at Games for Change 2017

Official game website

Ectoplaza (WiiU)

UI designer + 2D Artist

Ectoplaza is a competitive 2D smash'em up set at the number one spectral spa and resort in the afterlife.

Main Responsibilities:

- Designed UI that keeps track of player lives, goals scored, and special ability charge

- Created character concept art and in-game assets

Tools: Photoshop, Unity

Team Size: ~10 people 

IndieCade 2015 eSports Select, released on Nintendo WiiU

Official game websiteConcept art/UI design I created

Beautiful Corner (narrative installation)

Puzzle Designer + Artist

Beautiful Corner is an interactive narrative installation. A mysterious childhood friend has left you with a letter, which leads you to a series of puzzles. As you progress, you learn about who they really are.

Main Responsibilities:

- Designed and paper prototyped physical puzzles, iterated based on playtest feedback
- Created wallpaper and postcard art used in the installation

Tools: Photoshop, Paper Prototyping

Team Size: ~10 people total, Design team: 6 people

IndieCade 2016 E3 Showcase select | 2016 USC MFA thesis project

Official game website | Assets I created

Post-it Doodles (PC)


Creator (Designer + Programmer + Artist)

Post it Doodles is a mini paint program where little animals act as your brushes by walking all over your canvas. 

Main Responsibilities:

- Designed and programmed drawing and screenshot mechanics

- Created all visual assets and animations

Tools: Unity, C#, Photoshop

Team Size: 1 person (me!)

itch.io page

Halloween Cat (PC)

Creator (Designer + Programmer + Artist)

Halloween Cat is a 2D browser game I made in a day for Halloween 2017. You are a ghost cat who just wants some candy!

Main Responsibilities:

- Designed game loop

- Programmed gameplay mechanics

- Created all visual assets and animations

Tools: Unity, C#, Photoshop

Team Size: 1 person (me!)

itch.io page